Asus X501A Drivers Download For Windows 10, 7, 8

Asus X501A 15.6″ Laptop Computer Review

The X501A is a thin and quite sharp-looking laptop. In 2.1kg, it is only enough to be eligible as an ultra-portable, thanks in part to Asus getting eliminated the disk drive. The X501A feels well constructed and sturdy, too. Sadly, a lot of connection ports are lost, also. Ironically, one of these is a USB3 interface, but that is not enough to get a notebook that lacks an optical drive.

Asus X501A Drivers

At least there is an SDXC card reader, the standard 3.5millimeter MIC and headset ports, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Additionally, its 802.11n Wi-Fi adaptor enables you to get online. The notebook is not particularly strong, possibly, but the 2.3GHz Intel Core i3-2350M chip produced an excellent rating of 46 complete in our standard tests.

Asus X501A Specs

The notebook was not quite as fast or reactive as an i5-powered laptop, especially when we had lots of apps and browser tabs open, but it was by no means slow, despite occasional reaction lag. The chip gives an on-chip GPU, the Intel HD Graphics 3000, that will be just about good enough to run 3D games in their minimum configurations, but it was not around our Dirt 3 evaluation. Thankfully, the notebook did quite well in our battery tests, lasting just under six and a half hours.

We should mention we enjoy the X501A computer keyboard. Though its horizontal and widely spaced keys resemble lots of designs that we have not found especially conducive to rapid touch-typing, this one is rather good. There is an adequate sense of opinions and motion as you hit the keys, which can be very beneficial. There is a whole numeric keypad to the right, also, but its skinny keys imply it does not occupy much space, which consequently means the touchpad (located beneath the space bar) is not off-set too much from the middle of the wrist rest.

Asus X501A Drivers Download

Asus X501A BIOS
BIOS 213 (X501A) Download
BIOS 213 (X501A1) Download
BIOS 211 (X501A) Download
BIOS 211 (X501A1) Download
BIOS 205 Download

Asus X501A Chipset
Intel INF Update Driver V9.3.0.1020 Download
Asus X501A AUDIO Driver
Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.6649 Download
Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.6622 Download

Asus X501A VGA Drivers
Intel Graphics Driver V8.15.10.2752.01 Download
Intel Graphics Driver V8.15.10.2696.02 Download

Asus X501A LAN
Realtek LAN Driver V7.048.0823.2011 Download

Asus X501A Card Reader
Realtek Multi-Card Reader Driver V6.1.7601.27015 Download

Asus X501A TouchPad Drivers
ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver) [Please update ATK Package V1.0.0020 or later in advance] V1.0.32 Download
Synaptics Touchpad driver V16.2.1.5 Download
Elantech Touchpad driver V10.5.10.0 Download
Synaptics Touchpad driver V15.3.45.0 Download
Elantech Touchpad driver V10.5.9.0 Download

Asus X501A USB
Intel USB3.0 Driver V1.0.4.225 Download

Asus X501A Wireless Drivers
Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application V9.2.0.496 Download
Foxconn Wireless Lan Driver and Application V3.02.13.0000 Download
Foxconn Wireless Lan Driver and Application V3.02.11.0000 Download

Asus X501A BlueTooth Drivers
Atheros BlueTooth driver V7.4.0.135 Download
Foxconn BlueTooth driver V9.1.692.42 Download
Foxconn BlueTooth driver V9.1.686.35 Download
Atheros BlueTooth driver V7.4.0.120 Download

Others drivers for Asus X501A
Intel Management Engine Interface V8.1.0.1263 Download
Intel Management Engine Interface V8.0.13.1502 Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver V11.1.0.1006 Download

Asus X501A Drivers Windows 8.1 64bit and Windows 10 64bit

BIOS for Asus X501A
BIOS 213 (X501A) Download
BIOS 213 (X501A1) Download
BIOS 211 (X501A) Download
BIOS 211 (X501A1) Download
BIOS 205 Download
BIOS 203 Download
Windows BIOS Flash Utility V2.41.1 Download

Asus X501A VGA Drivers
Intel Graphics Driver V10.18.10.3308.02 Download

Asus X501A LAN
Realtek LAN Driver V8.021.0909.2013 Download

Asus X501A Wifi drivers
Ralink Wireless Lan Driver and Application V5.0.37.0 Download
Ralink Wireless Lan Driver and Application V5.0.32.0 Download
Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application V10.0.0.263 Download

BlueTooth drivers for Asus X501A
Ralink BlueTooth driver V11.0.748.2 Download
Ralink BlueTooth driver V11.0.742.0 Download
Qualcomm Atheros BlueTooth driver V8.0.1.306 Download

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